Life Coaching

Hey you! Yes, YOU! The one reading this page. I am REALLY excited you are here.

Let me introduce myself and tell you my story, the personal one; not the one you will find on the “About Me” page elsewhere on this website.


My name is Christina Eisinger. Those who know me call me Chris. Some of my clients have affectionately nicknamed me Coach Chris. It’s cheeky and it makes me smile.

Since you are here I presume you are curious about me, my background and what I offer as a coach. It’s a wonderfully winding road, filled with many peaks and valleys, each one of which am becoming ever more grateful.

I’ll work my way backwards. Not typical, I know. But I’m not typical or average. So here it goes…

My Story

Women gravitate to me. They want to know “how I do it all,” how I “found the courage to step out of my cushy corporate job to go out on my own”, how I have “successfully built a business from literally nothing.” It’s taken me several years to understand what these women were really trying to ask, but didn’t have the words, or in some cases, the conscious awareness to know to ask: “How did I find my own path that fulfills my purpose.” For that is what they see in me; they see me in alignment with my passion and purpose.

Now, not ALL women have this question about me or of themselves.  And that’s cool, too. I know it was a question I had been asking myself both subconsciously and then eventually very consciously. I am still on my journey of self discovery and believe I always will be. Life’s a playground for us to stumble, learn and grow. I am so grateful for it too.  And now I help women go on their own self-discovery journey by being their coach.

The Coaching Work I Do

I’ve set out on a mission to enable and empower other women who, despite having achieved much in their lives (both personal and professional) feel like they just aren’t quite fulfilled, to find their passions and gifts.

In the corporate world (for profit and non-profit alike), this often looks like women who have participated in a women’s leadership program but feel like that program, to use an analogy: gave them the keys to the car but no lessons on how to operate the car. And to make matters worse, led them to believe the only way to learn how to operate the car was to know their destination.  I don’t share that view and believe the journey will help you decide on your destination.

In the non-corporate world, these women take on a much broader range of descriptors. Some are mother’s. Some are not. Some are looking to start a new chapter while others want to start a whole new book.

Regardless, my clients have these things in common:

  • They are self-aware

  • They are curious

  • They are interested in a deeply revealing self-discovery journey

  • Therapy hasn’t helped them

  • They believe in a power and energy greater than themselves

  • They want to be more intentional and purposeful

  • They self-identify as being accomplished (per their own definition)

  • They range in age from early 20s to mid-50s


The beauty of what I do is offer expertise in a highly effective process and combine it with a genuine offer to co-create the coaching relationship with you. I’m not an expert in you. You are! I am an expert in creating the space and time you need to go on the journey.


I’m here. I’m ready. Are you? Let’s do this!