Corporate Projects

Culture Change and Leadership Development
Life Sciences Industry
Partnering with the CEO and Head of Human Resources of a global life sciences company during a time of major change and threat to the business. The work focused on developing and executing relevant strategies to engage the broader workforce in achieving company business goals, including building a pipeline of future leadership.
Leadership Development
Education Industry
Designed a blended learning program focused on enabling people leaders at the mid to senior levels become more effective in the role. The program consists of e-learning modules, a 2-day instructor led program, and several self-directed follow-on peer coaching acivities. The outcome has been a mesureable increase in employee engagement and satisfaction with the capabilities of managers.
Ongoing Coaching 
Technology and Life Sciences Industries
Coaching mid-level leaders at a technology organization and at a life sciences company through an individualized 360 feedback process. After guided interpretation and analysis of the feedback, each individual created a customized action plan which included key milestone achievements.


What are we up to?

Over the past several years, we have had the good fortune of partering with clients in a wide range of industries to deliver a variety of talent solutions. 


To the left and below you will find short descriptions of a few representative projects we have recently delivered to our satisfied clients.

360 Feedback Assessment
Automotive Industry
Onboarding Entry Level Employees
Financial Industry
Partnered with the organization learning team at an automotive company to develop a leadership 360° Feedback assessment. Collectively, the items measure the key behavioral aspects of leadership expected of managers and executives. This 360° Feedback assessment became an integrated element in their leadership development programs.
Facilitated several 1-day programs to help expose new graduates to ways of working and how to be most productive in their new, corporate environment. Introduced them to "experiental learning" and focused on the importance of communication, emotional intelligence and establishing their personal brand. The outcome has been shorter time to full productivity.
Automotive Industry
Career Management
Education Industry
Facilitating a senior team in the Finance division of a well-known automotive organization through a series of exercises to identify key enablers of, and barriers to, their success. The outcome was an agreed upon, realistic action plan to move forward with increased efficiency and productivity.
Designed a 1-day workshop in which participants engage in self-discovery and several assessments aimed at helping them crystalize thier career development goals and action plan. They also work with a peer coach during and after the workshop to increase accountability and completion of their action plan.